About Finanshuset in Fredensborg

Finanshuset i Fredensborg A/S

We are Denmark’s first and largest provider of impartial financial advice. We provide high-quality service at fair prices and will give you the best possible advice to protect your finances in the long term.

  • We have over 20 years of experience in financial counselling
  • More than 10.000 satisfied customers
  • We apply the highest standards for good counselling and impartiality
  • We are certified investment counsellors by The Danish Financial Services Authority (FSA)
  • We offer legal counselling in relation to financial matters e.g. family law, wills, prenuptial agreements, co-ownership agreements etc.

Finanshuset i Fredensborg was established in 1993. We’re experts with a comprehensive understanding of financial issues, services and products. As an independent financial adviser, your interests are our only concern. We don’t make money on commission or product sales, or by referring customers to external partners. This guarantees you the best possible solutions and the most reasonably priced products.

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Advice at all stages of life

We’re here to help – whether your bank balance is healthy or not, and whether your financial situation is simple or complex.

When you’re just starting out

We advise you on your savings, purchases and mortgage, setting up your own business, and much more.

When you’re established

We advise you on pension savings, mortgages, loans and investments. What’s the best way to save? Should you put your money into your pension or reduce your debt?

When you’re settled

We help you understand your finances and ensure your financial security. We make a plan for your pensions, minimising tax and offsetting.  We show you how to get the best return on your assets and avoid unnecessary risk.

Family law

Have a lawyer check your legal documents, and find out whether it might be advisable to protect your finances by making a will or drawing up a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement.

Impartial financial advice

First, we take a detailed look at your financial resources, options and plans for the future.

  • We outline your finances and future options.
  • We examine every aspect of your finances: bank loans, mortgages, pension, investments and tax.
  • We give you a report with specific guidelines on how to ensure your financial security for many years to come.

A review of your finances will give you peace of mind and can often be a surprisingly positive experience.

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